June 16, 2010

08.14.2010 - Bibliography for "Know Your Sector"

"Know Your Sector" was produced by Ben Klasky. It was designed by Kevin Michael Martin using Motion software.

  • "In the United States, 1 in 244 workers are lawyers; 1 in 57 wait tables; 1 in 10 work for a nonprofit." Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics
  • Waitress Photo Credit: "Marge" by Tommy Gooch
  • "The majority of these work in health care and education." Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics
  • "There are almost 2 million nonprofits in the U.S. This number has roughly doubled in the last 15 years." Source: Independent Sector
  • "Each year in the U.S. $300 billion is donated to charities." Source: Giving USA 2010
  • "83% of all donations are made by individuals. Source: Giving USA 2010
  • "70% of US households make at least one donation each year. The average giving is $2,333 per household." Source: Independent Sector
  • "Nearly half of all donations support religion and education. 4% goes toward the arts and 2% goes toward the environment and animals." Source: Giving USA 2010
  • "Donations represent only 27% of income for nonprofits. 73% of nonprofit income is earned from such sources as tuition, hospital patient fees, and ticket sales." Source: US Dept of Commerce: Bureau of Economic Analysis
  • "Nonprofits in the U.S. generate $1.1 trillion every year." Source: Urban Institute, National Center for Charitable Statistics
  • "That's more than the entire economies of Saudi Arabia and Sweden combined." Source: World Bank
  • "The United Way, the World's largest charity, brought in over $4 billion last year." Source: Forbes - America's 200 Largest Charities
  • "6.5% of Americans volunteer for nonprofits every day, averaging 2.3 hours a day. That equals 7.6 million employees." Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics
  • "There are over 70,000 foundations in the U.S." Source: Foundation Center
  • "Five of the ten largest are on the West Coast. None of these existed fifty years ago." Source: Foundation Center - Top 100 U.S. Foundations
  • "The Gates Foundation, the world's largest foundation, is worth about $30 billion." Source: Foundation Center - Top 100 U.S. Foundations
  • "It must give away $5.8 million per workday." Source: IRS Code IRC 4942e (requires that a foundation must typically pay 5% of the fair market value of its assets annually)
  • "Nonprofits have developed medications and technologies." Source: www.ipadvocate.org - University Inventions That Changed the World
  • Homeless Photo: "Homeless anonymity - The other side of Venice" by Anabadili

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